Crescendo Chamber Music

Crescendo, our school-year chamber music program, holds auditions at the same time as the orchestras. Rehearsals are held in community spaces, separate from the orchestras’, and are arranged around the individual ensembles and coaches’ schedules.  A final recital is held the Monday after Thanksgiving. Many opportunities for extra volunteer performances exist.

Step one: fill out the Crescendo form!

Step two: join the remind group! @3ga3f2 to to the number 81010 or

Auditions for students interested in the Crescendo Chamber Music Program will be held concurrently with the orchestra auditions.

Upcoming Events

August 25
7 -9 a.m. Pancake Breakfast
Ground Round  -$5

Sept 7,9,10
Auditions: info

Sept 15
6 pm Greenway Takeover Festival
with Post-Traumatic Funk Syndrome