Dal Segno Camps

Robin Riveland and Naomi Welsh, Dal Segno Directors

SAVE THE DATE: Dal Segno 2016  August 8-12, UND Hughes Fine Arts Center.


Dal Segno is NVYO’s summer chamber music day camp program. Students in grades 5-10 learn to work cooperatively through chamber music concepts. (Dal Segno is a musical term that means “the sign” and indicates a return to an earlier place in the music. It’s pronounced Dahl SAYN-yo) New this year! Prep Orchestra Program (POP) Summer Orchestra option for students with one or more years of playing experience!


Upcoming Events

Oct 5
Allegro: 6:30-8 Wesley United Methodist 1600 4th Ave N
Philharmonic: 6:30-8 Grand Forks Central HS, door #6
Symphony: 6:30-8:30 UND Hughes Fine Arts.

Oct 11
Symphony retreat/rehearsal, UND 1:30-5 pm