Our Donors & Sponsors

Please support and thank our area ad sponsors 

Current list of 2018 donors available here, on page 7 of this linked program. 

NVYO Grants and Donations, last fiscal year: Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2017

$5000 +
City of Grand Forks
Myra Foundation

Rick & Nancy Foss
ND Council on the Arts
All Seasons*
Community Foundation
Xcel Foundation
Barry & Ann Folson
Ground Round*
O For Heaven’s Cakes*
“Pennies from Heaven”
     (anonymous donation)
Jim & Ardy Rydell
Darrin & Jodi Straus
Nancy & Glen Yoshida
Margaret “Rock” Bundlie
Madelyn Camrud
Avery & Vicki Jones
Jennifer Tarlin
Ted & Alyson White
Alerus Financial
Arioso Music Academy*
Sarah Barron & John Madden
Hal & Kathleen Gershman
Family Foundation
David Krogh/Larissa Hood
Soizik Laguette
Greg & Yvonne Lapp

$250 – $499 continued
Kanishka & Madhavi Marasinghe
Mark & Michele Peterson
Mark Romanick
Jackie Spiros
Jeff & Naomi Welsh
Mark & Gloria Sanford
Devera Warcup –
in honor of  Alyssa Warcup
Erin & Jay Almlie
Phil & Shelly Amundson
Suzanne Antonenko
Behls Photography*
Convention & Visitor’s Bureau*
Expressway Suites*
Jennifer Goeke
Yong Hou and Jin Zhang
Laurie & Phil Kraemer
Marjorie Murray
Northern Air Family Fun*
Kari & Bill Noyes
Janet Olimb
Cindy Olson
James & Melanie Popejoy
Revolutions Power Sports*
Jerry & Karen Ryan
Bill & Gail Schmisek
Jeff Seabloom
David & Callie Stadem
Brian & Richel Weiss
Lloyd & Shirley Welsh
Molly Yeh*
Xiaodong Zhang & Hong Xu

Up to $99
Anonymous (2)
Paula Anderson
Karen Appldoorn
Kathy & Mark Bohlman
Donna Bott
Wendy & Todd Bulman
Einar & Elaine Einarson
The Ember *
Ely’s Ivy*
Ferguson Books*
Fighting Sawks*
GGF Community Theatre*
Gina Greicar
Half Brothers*
Jan Jelliff
Rita Halvorson
Rebecca Heazlett
Nick & Marie Strinden Jensen
Sandra Kerr
Suzanne Larson
Kin Lai
John & Cathy Martsolf
Jennifer & James Moe
Jayne Morrison
Evan & Emily Montgomery
ND Museum of Art*
Patty Olsen
Panos Family
Jeffrey Powell
Gloria Rodriguez
Michael & Leah Ritland
Rhombus Guys*
River Cinema*
Linda Shaw-Elgin
Kevin Suetterlin
Wolfgang Suetterlin
Toasted Frog*
Melissa Van Hoff
Brooke & Jeff VanLooy
*inkind or partially in-kind

Current as of Dec 31, 2017. Please notify us at nwelsh@novyo.org if there is an error in your donation acknowledgment.


Other sponsors of the NVYO season

Thanks to our 2018 Dal Segno tshirt sponsors:

$300 level
Grand Forks Montessori
$250 level 
Arioso Music Academy
Claire Givens Violins
Little Keepers
Wakefield Hearing
Poppler’s Music
$125 level
Remer Accounting

Upcoming Events

January 20 – Symphony rehearsal, 6:30 Empire Arts Center 

Symphony violin/viola – optional group lesson 5:45 pm – free. Meet @ Empire.

January 21 – Philharmonic rehearsal, 6:45