Practice parts Symphony

FOR 2018-19 Symphony – some music that cannot be posted online will be handed out in rehearsal.

Part assignments winter 2019 (subj to change)

Rehearsal order will be posted in advance: HERE

For 2018-19 season:

Russian Sailor Dance

Adv violin 1 – Russian Sailor

vn 1 – Russian Sailor

vn 2 – Russian Sailor

viola – Russian Sailor

cello – Russian Sailor

string bass – Russian Sailor

flutes -Russian Sailor

oboe – Russian Sailor

bassoon – Russian Sailor

clarinet – Russian Sailor

horn – Russian Sailor

trombones – Russian Sailor

trumpet – Russian Sailor

tuba – Russian Sailor

percussion -Russian Sailor

Star Spangled Banner

Toscanini SSB_27_Violin 1

Toscanini SSB_28_Violin 2

Toscanini SSB_29_Viola

Toscanini SSB_30_Cello

Toscanini SSB_31_Bass

Toscanini SSB_01_Flute 1

Toscanini SSB_02_Flute 2

Toscanini SSB_03_Flute 3

Toscanini SSB_04_Oboe 1

Toscanini SSB_05_Oboe 2

Toscanini SSB_06_English Horn

Toscanini SSB_07_Clarinet 1

Toscanini SSB_08_Clarinet 2

Toscanini SSB_09_Clarinet Bass

Toscanini SSB_10_Bassoon 1

Toscanini SSB_11_Bassoon 2

Toscanini SSB_12_Bassoon Contra

Toscanini SSB_13_Horn 1

Toscanini SSB_14_Horn 2

Toscanini SSB_15_Horn 3

Toscanini SSB_16_Horn 4

Toscanini SSB_17_Trumpet 1

Toscanini SSB_18_Trumpet 2

Toscanini SSB_19_Trumpet 3

Toscanini SSB_20_Trombone 1

Toscanini SSB_21_Trombone 2

Toscanini SSB_22_Trombone 3

Toscanini SSB_23_Tuba

Toscanini SSB_24_Timpani

Toscanini SSB_25_Military Drum

Toscanini SSB_26_Cymbals:Bass Drum


printable staff paper

Transposition tips (trumpet, horn)

more transposition tips!

tenor clef tips (cello, trombone, bassoon)

Upcoming Events

April 6 – auditions, afternoon, for new musicians and Philharmonic-to-Symphony move-up auditions.

April 7 – Music in Bloom, All Seasons 1-4 pm
$15 Tickets available now @ All Seasons, Empire, or email – will be $20 at the door.

April 13 – auditions, morning, for new musicians and Philharmonic-to Symphony move-up auditions.

May 13 – auditions, afternoon, for new Philharmonic musicians only.