Practice parts Symphony

Sept 15th Greenway Takeover Festival

Charts for Post Traumatic Funk Syndrome & NVYO:

These are exciting but challenging arrangements written for professional symphony musicians to perform with a rock band. Symphony students should be able to play these as written. For our Philharmonic and new-to-Symphony musicians, we are glad to have you be part of this concert! Please note that most of the parts could be effective an octave down (those options are sometimes given) and can be modified if necessary. Cellists will find in your packet optional bass parts, and violins will see octave-down options. If you think you will need extra assistance learning this music,  please email to find out when we will offer group music prep help, ask your teacher, and PLEASE attend as many rehearsals as possible.

Rehearsal Schedule and Release/agreement:

NVYO PTFS Greenway concert schedule & release


PTFS NVYO (Str) Violin 1 Packet

PTFS NVYO (Str) Violin 2 packet

PTFS NVYO (Str) Viola Packet

PTFS NVYO (Str) Cello Packet (w alt. bass parts)

PTFS NVYO (Str) Double Bass Packet


PTFS NVYO WW Flute Oboe Packet

PTFS NVYO WW Clarinet Packet

PTFS NVYO WW Bassoon Packet

PTFS NVYO (Br)Trumpet Packet

PTFS NVYO (Br) Horn Packet

PTFS NVYO (Br) Trombone Packet

PTFS NVYO (Br) Tuba Packet



PTFS NVYO Percussion Packet


printable staff paper

Transposition tips (trumpet, horn)

more transposition tips!

For 2018-19 season:

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Toscanini SSB_27_Violin 1

Toscanini SSB_28_Violin 2

Toscanini SSB_29_Viola

Toscanini SSB_30_Cello

Toscanini SSB_31_Bass

Toscanini SSB_01_Flute 1

Toscanini SSB_02_Flute 2

Toscanini SSB_03_Flute 3

Toscanini SSB_04_Oboe 1

Toscanini SSB_05_Oboe 2

Toscanini SSB_06_English Horn

Toscanini SSB_07_Clarinet 1

Toscanini SSB_08_Clarinet 2

Toscanini SSB_09_Clarinet Bass

Toscanini SSB_10_Bassoon 1

Toscanini SSB_11_Bassoon 2

Toscanini SSB_12_Bassoon Contra

Toscanini SSB_13_Horn 1

Toscanini SSB_14_Horn 2

Toscanini SSB_15_Horn 3

Toscanini SSB_16_Horn 4

Toscanini SSB_17_Trumpet 1

Toscanini SSB_18_Trumpet 2

Toscanini SSB_19_Trumpet 3

Toscanini SSB_20_Trombone 1

Toscanini SSB_21_Trombone 2

Toscanini SSB_22_Trombone 3

Toscanini SSB_23_Tuba

Toscanini SSB_24_Timpani

Toscanini SSB_25_Military Drum

Toscanini SSB_26_Cymbals:Bass Drum



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August 25
7 -9 a.m. Pancake Breakfast
Ground Round  -$5

Sept 7,9,10
Auditions: info

Sept 15
6 pm Greenway Takeover Festival
with Post-Traumatic Funk Syndrome