School Music Program Statement

Northern Valley Youth Orchestras believes it is important for all of its members to participate in their school music programs, if available, and expects such participation except in cases of unavoidable scheduling conflict. Participation in a school music group not only helps advocate for fine arts education, it is important for the development of ensemble and leadership skills which can in turn strengthen the NVYO ensembles.

NVYO ensembles are meant to complement other music instruction and thus enhance musical development; they are not intended to be a replacement for school or private instruction.

Reasons to Join and Stay in Your School Music Program

School music programs are an excellent place to learn and gain practical experience.

School music programs will qualify you for:
Access to honors groups such as All-State
Access to solo and ensemble festivals
Access to all-city or regional events.

School music programs may also offer:
Opportunities to travel, compete, and meet people
Opportunities to play solo or first parts
Opportunities to play in musicals

Other benefits of the school music program:
Playing daily is essential for a musician
Students who may want to major in music need all the experience they can get
Additional recognition and leadership training
Additional musical training and literature
Eligibility for scholarships
Recommendations from music directors for scholarships, college entrance, and special events

You can make a tremendous contribution to these programs:
Serving as a role model for others, sharing your talent
A public school program may have gotten you started; you can give back to the public schools by offering them your loyalty and responsibility.

Upcoming Events

Feb 17 – Symphony rehearsal, 12:30-2:30 pm at Empire Arts Center

Feb. 18 – Philharmonic rehearsal, 6:45 at GF Central HS (door #6)