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For mid-season auditions, contact Naomi Welsh at or 701-757-3009. Complete registration form and prepare necessary audition materials, see below.

Mid-season NVYO 2017-18 registration form

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Allegro registration online form

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General audition information

Follow links to get Symphony audition and Philharmonic audition info

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(Allegro Orchestra does not require an audition for 2017-18. Register for Allegro by completing both the NVYO Allegro Registration 2017-18 and the  NVYO 2017-18 registration form and sending it with a $20 deposit to NVYO 311 S 4th St Suite 204 Grand Forks, ND 58201)

violin, viola, cello, string bass, harp*, piccolo, flute, oboe/ English horn, bassoon, clarinet/bass clarinet, saxophone*, french horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion

*these instruments are not called for in all pieces, and students auditioning on these instruments may not play every concert. We will work on a case by case basis to make registration and tuition fair. Should students wish to audition on a second instrument which could be played when this one is not called for, that would be encouraged.

Strings accepted will be placed in one of three orchestras; winds/brass/percussion accepted will be placed in Philharmonic or Symphony based on level of playing at the audition and  the orchestras’ needs. Final registration and tuition payment will take place in September.

The audition consists of a prepared scale (required scales listed for Philharmonic), solo or etude, and sight-reading. Students wishing to be considered for Symphony must also prepare an orchestral excerpt, available at the bottom of the page or here.

Prepare: a solo or etude demonstrating your highest level of playing, (no accompaniment) and a scale, as many octaves as you are able, but at least two. Show your range and technical ability! Sight-reading is provided by the conductors at the audition. If the prepared solo is not at the level expected, the sight reading selection chosen may be more difficult to assess ability level. Percussionists: bring your own sticks/mallets, and prepare a mallet/snare solo or etude; percussionists should also be prepared to demonstrate ability to play timpani.

Schedule auditions online at  

Contact Naomi Welsh with questions – or 701-213-0310

Important note: orchestral placement is at the discretion of the conductors, regardless of the student’s declared intent.  Age alone is never a determining factor in orchestral placement; NVYO ensembles are arranged by playing level. Orchestral assignment is made with intent to create the overall best experience for each student.

Minimum requirements:

Allegro*is designed for students in 7th grade and under who are playing at least at the level of the end of Book 2 of their school orchestra book. They should be able to read music, identify and play common flats and sharps, identify and use extended hand positions comfortably, and be proficient on all four strings. Cellists should have some introductory shifting experience. Attention span must allow for a 90 minute rehearsal (With a short break.) *No audition is required for Allegro. Registrations accepted until ensemble fills. Registration form available here

Philharmonic is designed for students who are playing at least at the level of the end of Book 3 of their school orchestra or band book, can read music, and strings should be comfortable shifting in 1st – 4th positions (5th position for violin and bass). Wind, brass and percussion players should be strong, independent musicians. Students should be prepared to play in keys up to four sharps or flats. Some orchestral/band experience is necessary, and a good sense of rhythm and pitch is expected. Representative scales and ranges expected are listed below. Audition is required: scale as listed, prepared solo, and sight reading. Students not ready for Philharmonic may be placed in Allegro. Online audition signup on the home page.

Symphony  is designed for advancing string, wind, brass and percussion players. Students are expected to be proficient in all keys, be comfortable in upper positions/alternate fingerings, and know advanced articulations/bowings. Students should be strong, independent players with good music reading skills and experience in orchestral playing. Transposition and alternate clefs may occur in Symphony selections. Audition is required: Solo, Scale (3 octaves + for strings, 2 for brass/winds) or percussion etude; students wishing to be considered for Symphony must also prepare the appropriate excerpt for their instrument ***(click link for exceprts) Online audition signup on the home page.

Symphony strings must demonstrate ability to play 3 octaves+

***2017-18 audition excerpts: Most Symphony excerpts are taken from  Schubert’s 9th Symphony and Haydn Symphony #104, with some other selections. Print the appropriate excerpt and consult with your teacher and recordings to prepare it with the correct tempo and style.

Upcoming Events

Feb 18

Symphony rehearsal 
1720 S Washington St.

Feb 19
Allegro rehearsal
Wesley United Methodist 6:30*-8

Philharmonic rehearsal
GFC (door #6) 6:45-8:15

*6 pm optional extra help session!