Symphony Auditions + Excerpts

Students wishing to be considered for NVYO Symphony must prepare assigned excerpts in addition to a scale of choice (3 octaves + for violin, viola, cello ; 2 octaves for winds/brass and string bass; harpists may play a comparable difficulty arpeggio.)and a solo. Preparation of the excerpt does NOT guarantee placement in Symphony. If after you read the information below, you still need help determining what is appropriate to play for a scale or solo, please ask your teacher or email Naomi at for assistance. 

Symphony auditions may be submitted online, & may be available in person by request.  SIGN UP HERE to be assigned a time!

SCALE: Choose a major or melodic minor scale that demonstrates your pitch, tone, and range. Students auditioning on violin, viola, and cello should play 3 octaves or more; winds and brass and string bass, 2 octaves. Please consult with your teacher for an appropriate choice. 

SOLO : Choose something you can play well and that demonstrates your current level of playing. It can be all or a portion of a solo piece or exercise. If your selection is all slow or all fast, consider two smaller excerpts that show a variety of styles. 

Most 2018-19 Symphony excerpts (with a few exceptions) are taken from Holst’s Planets and/or Williams Star Wars Suite.  Print the appropriate excerpt and consult with your teacher and listen to recordings to prepare it with the correct tempo and style. Assigned measures are marked with brackets in each excerpt. A study video of the Holst to help you with the style and music:

2018-19 audition excerpts:

Violin NEW amended – note “sul D” means to play on the D string, “sul G” on the G, etc.

Viola NEW amended 







Bass Clarinet







Online scale / rudiment resources:

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Feb 17 – Symphony rehearsal, 12:30-2:30 pm at Empire Arts Center

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