Philharmonic auditions

about Philharmonic – Philharmonic is an intermediate auditioned orchestra comprised of advancing string, wind, brass and percussion students. Players are expected to be comfortable in a more extended range (shifting for string players, higher registers for wind/brass), and to be able to play in various keys (through four sharps or flats)  and with more advanced bow/articulation techniques. Approximate Suzuki level 3-5 and up. Rehearsals are Monday evenings 6:45-8:15 pm, with additional sectionals and dress rehearsals as scheduled. String seating is rotated each concert. Brass, woodwind and percussion usually rotate from piece to piece.

Philharmonic auditions consist of prepared scales and a solo; at the audition you may be also asked to do some sight reading. Returning Philharmonic members may register for the 2019-20 season without an audition; new Philharmonic members (and those wishing to advance from Philharmonic to Symphony) should sign up here  to be request a time.

SOLO : Choose something you can play well and that demonstrates your current level of playing. It can be all or a portion of a solo piece or exercise. If your selection is all slow or all fast, consider two smaller excerpts that show a variety of styles. If you need help determining what is appropriate to play, please ask your teacher or email Naomi at for assistance. indication of interest in Philharmonic does not guarantee placement in Philharmonic.  Most Philharmonic musicians are in grades 6-10, however students may remain in this orchestra throughout high school if they have a conflict with the Symphony rehearsal times, or if they do not feel ready for the higher challenge of Symphony. 

Required scales, minimum number of octaves listed (you may choose to play MORE octaves, not FEWER.)

Violin-D Major, 2 octaves AND one (or two) octave B flat Major (starting on the A string)

Viola- G Major, 2 octaves, AND one (or two) octave B flat Major (starting on the G string)

Cello-G Major, 2 octaves AND one (or two) octave B flat Major (starting on the G string)

Bass-G Major, 2 octaves  AND one octave B flat Major (starting on the A string)

Flute: F major, 2 octaves

Oboe: D major, 1 octave

Clarinet: A major, 2 octaves

Bassoon : C major, 1 octave

Trumpet: F major, one octave

French Horn: F major, one octave

Trombone: F major, one octave

Tuba: G Major, one octave

Percussion snare rudiments: 9 stroke and 17 stroke roll, flams and flam taps.

Online scale resources:

Upcoming Events

April 6 – auditions, afternoon, for new musicians and Philharmonic-to-Symphony move-up auditions.

April 7 – Music in Bloom, All Seasons 1-4 pm
$15 Tickets available now @ All Seasons, Empire, or email – will be $20 at the door.

April 13 – auditions, morning, for new musicians and Philharmonic-to Symphony move-up auditions.

May 13 – auditions, afternoon, for new Philharmonic musicians only.