Allegro is a strings-only orchestra intended to provide students with valuable performance experience and an enrichment opportunity for developing orchestral technique. Students are expected to read music, be able to follow a conductor, and have a working knowledge of all strings and 1st position finger patterns. Approximate Suzuki or school orchestra book level 2 to 3 and up. Seating is rotated often, and is determined by what works best for the orchestra. No audition is required. A teacher recommendation, appropriate playing level,  and ability to focus for a 90 minute rehearsal are expected. Students should expect to spend time outside rehearsal practicing the music for Allegro.

To register for Allegro 2017-18 complete the

NVYO Allegro Registration Supplement 2017-18

(online google version: google form )

AND the NVYO 2017-18 registration form and mail with a $20 deposit to:

NVYO Allegro
311 S 4th St. Suite 204
Grand Forks, ND 58201

The remaining tuition (total tuition for the season is $220) will be due in fall 2017 at registration night on September 18 (also the first rehearsal of the season.).

Rehearsals: Monday evenings 6:30-8 pm, with additional sectionals and dress rehearsals as scheduled. Rehearsals begin Sept 18th.
Students will need to bring a folding stand to rehearsal each Monday.
Rehearsals are held at:
Wesley United Methodist Church 1600 4th Ave N. Grand Forks.

Concerts: fall and spring, Nov 18th and March 11th this season. Optional other performances and fundraiser volunteering also available.

Allegro students perform at formal concerts and also occasionally out in the community. Here is a short overview of the 2014-15 spring day tour:

Kara Image

Kara Hartten, Conductor, Allegro Orchestra


1600 4th Ave N, Grand Forks, North Dakota 58203

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Upcoming Events

September 23 Ground Round breakfast 8-10 am $5

Sept 24 –  Symphony rehearsal 6:30 Empire Arts Center
Sept 25  – Allegro 6:30 Wesley / Philharmonic rehearsal 6:45 GF Central