Allegro is a strings-only orchestra intended to provide students with valuable performance experience and an introduction to orchestral technique. Students are expected to read music, be able to follow a conductor, and have a working knowledge of all strings and 1st position finger patterns. Approximate Suzuki or school orchestra book level 2 to 3 and up. Seating is rotated often, and is determined by what works best for the orchestra. No audition is required. A teacher recommendation, appropriate playing level,  and ability to focus for a 90 minute rehearsal are expected. Students should expect to spend time outside rehearsal practicing the music for Allegro.

To register for Allegro 2017-18 complete the

NVYO Allegro Registration Supplement 2017-18

(online google version: google form )

AND the NVYO 2017-18 registration form and mail with a $20 deposit to:

NVYO Allegro
311 S 4th St. Suite 204
Grand Forks, ND 58201

The remaining tuition (total tuition for the season is $220) will be due in fall 2017 at registration night on September 18 (also the first rehearsal of the season.).

Rehearsals: Monday evenings 6:30-8 pm, with additional sectionals and dress rehearsals as scheduled.
Students will need to bring a folding stand to rehearsal each Monday.
Rehearsals are held at:
Wesley United Methodist Church 1600 4th Ave N. Grand Forks.

Concerts: fall and spring.

Allegro students perform at formal concerts and also occasionally out in the community. Here is a short overview of the 2014-15 spring day tour:

Kara Image

Kara Hartten, Conductor, Allegro Orchestra


1600 4th Ave N, Grand Forks, North Dakota 58203

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Upcoming Events

August 7-11
Dal Segno Camp!
September 10-11
fall auditions
September 23
Ground Round breakfast